May 30, 2010

God and Memorial Day

I would like to make a statement conveying my personal opinion about the information in the articles I've posted regarding Memorial Day. But in order to do that I must first make a statement regarding religion.

I consider myself to be a religious person, I am a Christian and love Jesus Christ with all of my heart. But, as I may occasionally make a comment according to my beliefs, I do not intend to use this blog as a forum for religious discussion.

Religion is a very personal, deep felt, sensitive topic to most people and thus I will rarely write a feature post about the various religious observances, since I do not know enough about the various religions and do not wish to offend anyone by posting incorrect information.

When it comes to religion I believe that each individual has a right to believe and practice whatever religion they would like, as long as they do not abuse: physically, mentally, emotionally, or in any way another human being or animal in the practice of their religious beliefs. I do not believe in pushing my religious views on others or in trying to make them feel bad if they do not believe the way I do.

With that said...

A Personal Opinion Regarding Memorial Day
In doing research about Memorial Day I found that many cities, states and individuals are credited as the originators of the creation of Memorial Day (Decoration Day). I believe that each story is true and that each person/place played a part in the creation of this observance.

My personal belief is that God gives mankind ideas, whether he puts them out into the atmosphere and waits for them to light on whom they will, or whether he gives the ideas to specific individuals' minds, I don't know. But I believe that he gives many people an idea and waits to see who will do what with that idea.

I like to think that the creation of Memorial Day was so important to our Heavenly Father that he planted seeds into the minds of many heartfelt people of the time, knowing that enough of them would cultivate and foster the idea until it grew into fruition. After all the research I have done, Memorial Day has become more important to me, and I now hold a tender respect in my heart for all the people who participated in it's creation and for all the noble men and women, throughout time, who have given the ultimate sacrifice for God, for Country, and for their fellowman.

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