Jun 1, 2010

June is National Candy Month

Yep, you read it right! One whole month of celebrating the sweet, the sour, the chewy, the gooey, the stickiest, lickiest, yummiest, gummiest, most delightful creation known to man - CANDY!!!

I L.O.V.E., love candy! I love candy so much I even picked a man to marry who would give me a last name that rhymed with candy. (Gandy) And if I had a daughter, I probably would have named her Candy! So, of course, even though there are 46 other awesome monthly observances for June, I just had to feature National Candy Month.

Over the next 29 days I will feature a different type of candy for each letter of the alphabet (I know, you're psyched aren't you?)  So get out your toothbrush and your insulin 'cause the month of June is gonna be sa-weet!!!

Image: Candy...
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  1. Yummy! A whole month to celebrate candy!!!! I'm going to eat one extra piece of candy each day this month in honor on National Candy Month. I needed an excuse to eat more candy, so I'm glad you gave me one.