May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Doesn't Have to Stink! *

Have you ever experienced Mother's Day letdown? It's kind of like birthday letdown, actually it's exactly like birthday letdown. You experience Mother's Day letdown when you look forward to Mother's Day as being a day full of sunshine and light, flowers and candy, relaxation and overall joy. But in reality it may turn into a day of children squabbling, a less than attentive husband, and dirty dishes left in the sink.

Each year before Mother's Day arrives I put on the face of magnanimousness and grace as I tell my children, "I don't want anything for Mother's Day, I have everything I need." When, if the truth be told, I would give my right arm for a delicious box of chocolates, or a Michael Buble' CD. The disappointment comes when you realize your children took you seriously and your husband missed every subtle hint you threw his way.

This year I've decided to take steps to insure that Mother's Day letdown does not occur.

First, and this one's a no-brainer, I won't say I don't want anything for Mother's Day if I don't mean it.

Second, I'm going to lower my expectations. Since we are living in a time when finances are tight, I realize that it may be difficult for my children to afford an expensive gift. I will tell myself that they would shower me with all sorts of lavish gifts if they could.

Third, as far as my husband goes, I don't need to worry about him missing my hints if I don't give him hints. I'm going to take him by the hand, jump in the car, drive to the store and have him buy exactly what I want. And if he's already bought me something, like a frying pan, well two gifts are better than one.

Fourth, while we're at the store, we'll pick up everything we need for the perfect Mother's Day dinner (that we can prepare most of, together, the day before), and if I don't want a counter full of dirty dishes after dinner, we'll pick up some sturdy, but lovely paper plates and plastic utensils.

Lastly, I will look into the mirror each morning and say, "Even though your family may be awkward about showing it, they love you, and you're a good mom, and this Mother's Day is gonna rock!"

No matter what happens this Mother's Day I am going to allow myself to go to a peaceful place, either literally or figuratively, and have an enjoyable day. With a little planning and prep work, your Mother's Day can be everything you've ever dreamed of, and you're worth it! I hope you all have a lovely day!

*In the writing of this post, I realize that there are many people for whom Mother's Day holds a feeling of sadness, grief, and even resentment. People who have lost their mother, women who have been unable to bare children or have lost a child, and people who have suffered abuse at the hands of a mother. I am not a psychologist and would not presume to give advice, but my heart goes out to you and I hope that you can find peace on this day and everyday. 

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