May 18, 2010

Visit Your Relatives Day~May 18

Aren't you excited?! Today is Visit Your Relatives Day! This is a perfect day to reconnect with long lost relatives - if you dare.

Every family has them, relatives whom seeing once a year at the family reunion or the Christmas party is more than enough. But what about your favorite Auntie that you just don't see as often as you'd like? Or your granny who's been feeling a little under the weather lately? What about your brother or sister who lead a busy life just like you, so you haven't been able to get together for a while? Today would be a great day to pop in for a visit!

You could:
  • Follow Little Red Riding Hood's lead and take along a basket of goodies.
  • Bring a deck of cards and play a fun game.
  • Bring a notebook, or better yet, a tape recorder and record a story from grandma's past.
  • Meet your sissy at a cafe and chat over a delicious Cobb salad.
  • Send an ecard or give a phone call to a relative living far away.
Remember - family is everything. Have a pleasant Visit Your Relatives Day.

Image from Funny Pictures

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