Jun 4, 2010

B is for Bit-O-Honey

National Candy Month - Day 4.

The beauty of writing your own blog is that you can write about whatever you feel like writing about without any feelings of guilt. And heaven knows, with all the candy I'm gonna be eating this month, I'll have plenty to feel guilty about.

For today's candy post, I've decided to write about another of my favorite candy's, Bit-O-Honey.

Bit-O-Honey was introduced in 1924 by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois, and is now produced by Nestle'.

Bit-O-Honey is a honey-flavored, taffy-like candy with almond pieces embedded throughout. It is similar to Mary Jane candies and to the Big Hunk candy bar. It is uniquely packaged as six individual pieces wrapped in wax paper. It comes in a red wrapper with a cute little honey bee hovering above the name.  The honey bee did not appear on the wrapper until the late seventies, and sometime later, was given arms.

Go to candyblog.net to read an in depth review of the Bit-O-Honey candy bar.

I love Bit-O-Honey candy! The package I devoured this morning in preparation for writing this post was fresh and soft and delicious! And, as promised in this classic commercial, each piece of Bit-O-Honey candy "will make you sweeter than you already are". I feel sweeter already!

Source: wikipedia.org

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