Jun 2, 2010

National Bubba Day~June 2

They can call ya Bub, Big Daddy, or Boss, Bomber, Bobo or Buzz, Butch, Buddy or Bucky, but if yer name ain't Bubba, well today just ain't yer day, 'cuz today is National Bubba Day.

National Bubba Day is a day to honor anyone and everyone named Bubba, either officially, (the name on your birth certificate is actually Bubba) unofficially, (someone gave it to you as a nickname) or temporarily (you call yourself Bubba for National Bubba Day because you want fame, recognition, balloons, presents and cake).

National Bubba Day was created by Alastair Buchanan III. Ha ha, not really! It was created by  T. Bubba Bechtol, "world renowned comedian and funny guy". T. Bubba's life 's mission is dedicated to "preserving the Bubba lifestyle worldwide".

And just what is the Bubba lifestyle? Well, first off, you may want to take a look at some guys who, according to T. Bubba's website, carry the Bubba persona. They are referred to as the "John Bubba's" and they include John Wayne, John Belushi, John Candy, and John Goodman. Startin' to git the picture?

A typical Bubba:
  • Is probably somebody's brother. 
  • Is loyal to family.
  • Is patriotic.
  • Is a manly man. 
  • Likes women.
  • Likes sports.
  • Likes beer.
  • Likes his women to like sports and beer.
  • Is frequently in trouble with the law.
  • Wears plaid; flannel plaid shirt, plaid jacket and plaid boxers in the winter. Plaid shirt with sleeves torn off, no jacket, no boxers in the summer.
No self respecting Bubba would:
  • Watch a chick flick.
  • Watch a George Clooney flick. (Well, maybe "O Brother, where art thou?" 'cause: #1- George Clooney is wearing a disguise, and #2- John Goodman is in it.)
  • Own a cat.
  • Share an umbrella with another man.
  • Show his "softer side" unless it's with his woman, while watching sports and drinkin' a beer.
You may expect most Bubba's to be seen gnawin' on a plug o' tobaccy, but if you Bubbas love your mammas (and I know fer a fact ya do) the next time you feel like reachin' fer a tin o' Skoal reach fer a pack o' Hubba Bubba instead. Who knows, maybe you can git yer mamma to do the same!

* (In the writing of this post, I did take some liberty's as far as my interpretation of National Bubba Day goes, it may differ slightly from Mr. Bechtol's intent. Sorry Charlie, I mean Bubba.)

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