Oct 9, 2010

Leif Erikson Day

Today is Leif Erikson Day.

"Are you talkin' about me, little lady?"

No Leif, you're a fine fellow, but I was actually talking about Leif Erikson the explorer not Leif Erickson the actor.

Leif Erikson was a Viking explorer believed to have landed in North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Leif Erikson Day is celebrated every year on October 9th, a date that doesn't really have any relationship to any event in Leif Erikson's life. I guess the creator of the date just wanted Leif to have his holiday before Columbus since Columbus has apparently gotten all the glory for discovering America.  

Anywho....You can go to my friend Jessa's blog, Holiday-Haven, to find out more about Leif Erikson and his colorful family. Have a nice Leif Erikson Day. And, if you can find one, you may want to check out a movie made by the other Leif Erickson 'cause he really was a fine actor.


  1. What a cute post! I know nothing of Leif Erikson the actor... will have to watch a movie. And thanks :)

  2. Jessa, that's 'cause you're just a young'un, not an old coot like me. :0)