Nov 3, 2010

National Men Make Dinner Day

Okay all you guys out there, don't let the title of this post scare you away. National Men Make Dinner Day, which is celebrated the first Thursday of November, is meant to be an event of learning and fun.

National Men Make Dinner Day is a day for the man of the house to hone his culinary skills and prepare a meal for his girlfriend/spouse and/or family, but it's not a day for just any man to make dinner, it's a day for a very "special" kind of man. The kind of man who has rarely, if ever, made dinner before.

According to it's creators at "the ideal participant in 'National Men Make Dinner Day' is the man who: helps with household chores, has a sense of humour and is a great all-around guy, loves his wife/girlfriend, kids and pets.....BUT NEVER LEARNED HOW TO COOK, and is somewhat afraid of the idea."

If this doesn't sound like you, if you make dinner on a regular, or more than never basis, then you've won a "get out the kitchen and go straight to the remote free" pass, at least for this one night.

For the rest of you, shake off the shackles that have you bound, forsake the fear of fondue and remember, not only do real men eat quiche, they just might bake a pretty mean one as well!

Just so you know, there are 12 official Rules that must be followed in order to participate correctly in National Men Make Dinner Day. Try something new, have fun with it, and knock 'em dead! Well, wait a minute, maybe that wasn't the right choice of words (the idea is to feed them and leave them living). So... have fun and good luck!


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