Apr 3, 2011

Easter Jelly Bean Necklace and Bracelet

I saw these adorable jelly bean bracelets from Sarah J. My {Heart} Documented and I decided I had to make some for my granddaughters. I then thought, "Well, why not make a cute necklace too." So I did. They're super easy and I love the way they turned out!

If you'd like to make some, here's what you'll need:
  • Jelly Beans - I used Wonka Sweetarts jelly beans. (I tried Wonka Spree jelly beans but they were harder and broke more easily. Sarah used Jelly Belly jelly beans because they went on easier)
  • One Peep marshmallow bunny
  • Stretch Magic bead and jewelry cord
  • A thimble
  • A tapestry needle - I used size 18. It's important to use a blunt tapestry needle because I started with a regular "sharp" needle and the tip of the needle is too small so it slides off of the hard jelly bean and right into your finger - ouch!
  • A wet washcloth
These are probably not safe for children under 3 years of age.
Step 1. - Cut a piece of Stretch Magic to about 40 in. long (It may seem long, but you need a little extra to hold on to). Thread it onto the tapestry needle.
Step 2. - Thread the Peep bunny onto the elastic cord. Stick the needle right through the middle of his wittow head and slide him down to the middle of the cord.
Step 3. - You'll need your thimble on your finger now. Lay a jelly bean on the table and hold it steady. With the thimbled finger, push the needle into the jelly bean and slide it down to the bunny.
Step 4. - Wipe off the needle with your wet cloth and continue stringing the jelly beans on the one side.
Step 5. - Take the needle off and thread it onto the other side of the cord and string the jelly beans onto that side. I used 26 jelly beans per side.
Step 6. - Tie a good knot and it's ready to wear!

Cut a piece of cording about 15 in. long. Do the same as with the necklace excluding the bunny, of course.  I used 16 jelly beans for the bracelet.


  1. Cool. Fun. Easy. Cheap. Cute. That's a great one. : )

    Saw you on Made by you Monday.

  2. So cute! And edible!!


  3. So cute....I just saw the original link and I have to say I really love the colors you used. It looks so cheerful and springy.

  4. Just the right thing I was looking for my daughter's birthday party. These will be a great hit with the kids! Love your site. off to browse the Easter decorations now! LOL