May 4, 2011

The Great American Grump Out

Each year, the first Wednesday in May is The Great American Grump Out. According to Janice A. Hathy from Smile Mania, here's the challenge: Refrain from being Grumpy for 24 hours. This includes "no grumping, no frowning, no grousing, complaining, punching, slapping, hitting or killing for one whole day!"

Grump Out's Goals:
1. To better help people understand the connection between negative attitudes, stress and health.
2. To see America give themselves permission to be friendly, playful, supportive and loving for just one day.
3. To lighten up our planet and reduce unhealthy stress through humor.
4. To have FUN!

Stress has a great impact on our body and mind. Stress can disrupt nearly every system in the body. It can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to infertility, and speed up the aging process. Long-term stress can even re-wire the brain leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

Humor and laughter are being increasingly used in a variety of therapeutic situations. Research into the use of therapeutic humor tells us it has the power to motivate, alleviate stress and pain, and improve one's sense of well being.

Rising to the challenge of The Great American Grump Out may be the beginning to a better way of living which could be greatly beneficial to each of us individually and as a nation.


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