Jun 25, 2011

Happy LEON Day

Every June 25th we celebrate LEON Day.

As you may have noticed, LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. June 25th (LEON Day) marks the halfway point to Christmas. So, as of now, we have 6 months, or 183 days to go!

Every year, on December 21st or so, I defiantly proclaim that: "Next year, I'm going to start my Christmas preparations in January!" and every year, I put it off until Black Friday, or later! But wouldn't it be nice to start right now to prepare for that blessed season that seems to arrive faster and faster each year?

There is a great site called Organized Christmas that has 3 different plans, including printable calendars and lists, that you can follow so that by the time Christmas arrives you'll have had every t crossed and every i dotted way ahead of time, so that you can have a stress free and relaxing holiday season. Also, if you go to Christmas Planner.com, an extension of Organized Christmas, you'll find lots of ideas for darling, and functional, DIY Christmas planners.

But today, to get yourself in the mood (and to make your family think you've gone bonkers), why not put on some of your favorite Christmas music. You could also check out XmasFun.com, to play Christmas games, watch videos, take some fun Christmas show trivia tests, and much more.

I wish you a very merry LEON Day! Oh, and to bring you back to the here and now, why not treat yourself to a delicious Strawberry Parfait for National Strawberry Parfait Day, which is also today.

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