Jul 14, 2011

The Golden Opulence Sundae

Here is a video of the making of the $1000 Golden Opulence Sundae from the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City that I told you about in this post. You'll remember the sundae begins with 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream which is infused with Madagascar vanilla, then covered in 23k edible gold leaf, followed by drizzles of the world's most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porceleana, and chunks of rare Chuao chocolate that comes from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela's coast, next come exotic candied fruits from Paris, gold covered almonds, truffles, and marzipan cherries. Finally, the sundae is topped with a small bowl of dessert caviar and a gilded sugar flower, which takes about 18 hours to make. The Golden Opulence Sundae was created in 2005 to celebrate the restaurant's 50th anniversary. If you would like to try one of these indulgent sundaes be aware that you must call and order it 48 hours in advance. The Serendipity 3 averages about one Golden Opulence purchase per month.

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