Feb 12, 2012

Scalloped Valentine Wreath

Is any one else like me? You get these grand ideas in your head of something you want to make, you go to the store, buy all your supplies, take them home (thinking you have plenty of time to get your project made) and then there the bag sits, in the corner of your room, for weeks, taunting you, gnawing at you, until you kick yourself for spending good money on yet another unfinished project.  

Well, that was me. I saw this adorable wreath over at a bit of sunshine and I just had to make one! You pretty much know what happened next, I just described it up above, with one difference - I actually finished it- with two days to spare before Valentine's Day. Hooray! 

I am a self professed embellisher. I added a few felt flowers to my wreath, although I think the scalloped wreath is perfectly darling without them. I am also a TMI-er. Too Much Informationer. I can't help it! I tell people things that don't need to know, like the fact that I am dyslexic when it comes to crafting. You may notice that my scallops are going in a different direction than Rebekah's. Oh well, what can I say?

I copied the flower template from here. I used the large sized flower for the outer purple flower, then I reduced the template to 75% and used the small flower pattern for the inner pink flower. 

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