Apr 17, 2012

National Cheeseball Day

National Cheeseball Day is celebrated every April 17th. As with most foodie holidays, we don't know what the origin or who the creators of National Cheeseball Day are. I believe the intention of the day is to celebrate and enjoy the kind of cheeseballs that are found at parties or gatherings which are made by blending cream cheese with various ingredients and spices and then rolling it in nuts, or some other little goody, and spreading it on crackers or cookies. But if you're pressed for time, I'm sure it's perfectly fine to run out and buy a bag of the crunchy, orange-y, cheesy cheeseballs to gobble down, because any celebration is better than no celebration at all. I'm sure the Cheeseball Chick would concur.

Technically, cheeseball is actually two words - "cheese ball" - but I guess for this day we're blending the words together just as we blend ingredients together with creamy cheese to form a delectable and cheesy cheese ball.

The Mother of all cheese balls ~ 12 layers of cheesiness!

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