Jul 30, 2012

National Jump For Jelly Beans Day

National Jump For Jelly Beans Day is celebrated every year on July 31st. It is one of two Jelly Bean holidays celebrated throughout the year, the first being National Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd. Not much is known about the creation or purpose of National Jump For Jelly Beans Day. I would guess it's a day for all lover's of Jelly Beans to jump for joy at the very thought of nibbling on some of these tasty little sugary legumes.

The Beatles Weren't Jumping For Jelly Beans
Did you know that fans of The Beatles would throw jelly beans at them when they performed? Reportedly in an interview, George Harrison mentioned that he liked a familiar British confection called Jelly Babies, when the U.K. fans got wind of this they began throwing Jelly Babies on stage while The Beatles performed. When The Beatles came to America, we didn't have Jelly Babies, so American fans began throwing jelly beans. The Beatles were not at all happy about this! Can you imagine being beaned in the noggin by flying jelly beans? George Harrison was quoted as saying, "Imagine waves of rock-hard little bullets raining down on you from the sky. It's a bit dangerous, you know, 'cause if a jelly bean, travelling about 50 miles and hour through the air, hits you in the eye, you're finished. You're blind aren't you?" Sounds like The Beatles weren't jumping for jelly beans they were jumping from jelly beans.

Singing For Jelly Beans
Greg Jardin, the director of this amazing Kina Grannis music video, used about 288,000 Jelly Belly brand jelly beans in the production of this video. It took almost 2 years to make from conception to final product. It's really cute. I think you'll like it. Happy National Jump For Jelly Beans Day!

This video shows how the music video was made.

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