Aug 21, 2012

National Pecan Torte Day ~ August 22

mocha pecan torte
National Pecan Torte Day is celebrated every year on August 22nd.

You may be asking yourself, "What is a torte anyway?" I was fully prepared to tell you that a torte was a multiple layered cake with some sort of filling, such as frosting, fruit, or nuts, between the layers, but I decided before I opened my mouth, that I should find out what a torte really is. I found out that in a way I was right, but I was also wrong.

First, tortes originated in Europe, and are a type of cake, but they differ from the traditional cakes that we know here in America. A traditional cake consists primarily of flour, usually cake flour, and various typical baking ingredients including baking soda. When baked, these ingredients make the cake light and fluffy, and give it height. A traditional torte uses smaller amounts of flour to which is added ground nut meal or breadcrumbs, along with sugar, eggs, and flavorings. The nut meal/breadcrumbs causes a more dense batter which, when baked, results in a flatter, heavier cake. 

Secondly, cakes are typically assembled with some type of frosting between the layers and then simply frosted on the top and sides. Tortes are usually frosted between the layers with rich buttercreams, mousses, and jams. The cake layers themselves are sometimes soaked in simple syrup or liquer. The torte is then frosted or glazed, and garnished with fruits, nuts, or chocolate. The ingredients used in making a torte are usually of the highest quality, like fine chocolates and liquer, which causes tortes to be on the more expensive side. 

Lastly, a torte may range from being a single layer cake like the Linzer torte from Austria, to having two layers like the Sachertorte from Vienna (Austria), to multiple layers like the Dobos torte from Hungary. 

Here, at, you'll find a recipe for a European Style Pecan Torte. Enjoy National Pecan Torte Day! 

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  1. GREAT post for Pecan Torte Day, Lisa!!! As you know, I'm no baker but it's times like these that I wish I were!

    Thanks for sharing...Happy Eat A Peach Day too!!!

  2. Thanks Louise! I just added Eat a Peach Day to my list. I missed that one somehow. :0)

  3. It's one of those "iffy" food days, Lisa. I almost missed it too!!!