Jun 7, 2010

Looking Forward to Upsy Daisy Day

I wanted to give you a heads up about Upsy Daisy Day, celebrated tomorrow, June 8,  so that you may make whatever preparations necessary to greet this day with a smile.

Upsy Daisy Day, according to Chase's Calendar of Events, "is a day to remind people to get up gloriously, gratefully, and gleefully each morning."

You often hear someone say to a child "Upsy daisy" when they are lifting them up off the ground or onto something. Think of Upsy Daisy Day as a day to forget your troubles, lift yourself up, and be cheerful about all that life has to offer.

Sometimes getting yourself out of a funk isn't easy, here at wikihow.com, you'll find a list of eight things you can try to help brighten every day. May you have a happy Upsy Daisy Day :0)

Source: answers.com
Image: photobucket.com

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