Sep 18, 2010

Dear Readers,

You may be wondering why I haven't posted new articles for quite some time. I am presently working on all of the monthly, weekly, and daily holiday lists for the entire 2011 year so that you will be able to look ahead to any holiday from January to December and make plans accordingly. This process is very time consuming, but will hopefully be a valuable resource when completed.

Also, I am fairly new to blogging and felt that my blog needed a little pizazz, so I have been doing some research about blogging to find ways to improve my blog. If you have any suggestions or ideas for me I would love to hear them. You can e-mail me at My hope is to start posting posts about January's 2011 observances beginning in December so that you, my readers, will have the information you need to plan parties and celebrations in advance. I'm planning some fun giveaways and maybe a Linky Party or two, so stick with me and remember, "There are exactly as many special occasions as we choose to celebrate." (Robert Brault) so let's celebrate life together, shall we?

Thank You, Lisa

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