Sep 20, 2010

Innergize Day

Sept. 23rd is Innergize Day. Innergize Day was created by Michelle Porchia from inner dimensions, llc. It is a day set aside for us to make some time for ourselves.  A "do anything you want to do for yourself "day. A day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun!

It seems like life just keeps getting busier and busier with nary a time to recharge. 

Work is good; it forces us to learn and grow, keeps us from being lazy and bored, keeps our minds and bodies active, as well as giving us a way to support our families. Helping others is good; besides providing relief, comfort, and joy to those we help, it keeps our spirits active, helps us forget our own troubles, and helps us feel worthwhile. But remember the old adage: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Or does it make Jack this kind of a boy? (Jack)  

Men and women alike need a day here and there to recharge their batteries. Ms. Porchia would like to see us take advantage of Innergize Day by taking this one day a year to take some time off for ourselves and then progress to taking one day a month, then one day a week, and then one hour a day as a time for "self-celebration". I like that - self-celebration!
When I was younger and I had seven little boys running around filling my life with both chaos and joy, along with my working sundry part time jobs, and dealing with a depression problem, life was at best overwhelming! I think the one thing that kept me sane was that my husband would watch the boys every Tuesday night while I went to a ceramics shop and painted cute little critters and fun decorations for every holiday. It was my time to relax, to build friendships, and to explore my creative side. It was wonderful as well as life saving!

Please take some time this Thursday to refill your cup before you're completely drained. And then I hope you'll schedule some "me time" every week so that you can cope with the challenges of life and be a happier you. And remember, do it without feeling guilty, you deserve it and you need it!

8 Ways To Rejuvenate on Innergize Day:

  1. Go to a spa or follow this at home spa guide from
  2. Watch a good "chick flick". Here's a good "chick flick" list from
  3. Follow these breathing relaxation exercises from
  4. Eat some of your favorite treats without guilt! (You can exercise extra hard tomorrow).
  5. Read a good book. Here are two lists of the top 100 novels from
  6. Do something creative; paint a picture, write in a journal, start a blog.
  7. Take a walk. Read about the benefits of walking here at
  8. Take the entire weekend off and follow this weekend revival plan from
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