Dec 20, 2010

Happy Go Caroling Day ~ Dec. 20

Today is Go Caroling Day. Christmas Caroling has pretty much gone the way of the hand muffs, petticoats and bonnets. You don't see it too much anymore. I remember as a teenager, our youth group climbing upon a truck pulled trailer, filled with hay, to go Christmas caroling. It was so much fun to drive up and down the quiet streets of our neighborhood as the snow gently fell and glistened in the moonlight while we sang every Christmas carol we knew along the way. Of course it didn't hurt the fun factor a bit to have the cute boy that I liked (and that I had spent the last hour dolling myself up for) sitting right across the trailer from me.

Maybe the creator of Go Caroling Day wishes to bring back this long lost tradition and revitalize the joy of the Christmas caroling experience.

Here is an innovative way to do it - new age Christmas caroling - "flash mob" style. Alphabet Photography Inc. organized this 100 member flash mob to wish everyone at The Welland Seaway Mall in Niagra Falls, Canada, a Merry Christmas. As of now, this You Tube video has received over 23,500,000 views and has gained more attention than it's organizers ever imagined it would. How much fun is that?! Enjoy!

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