Dec 19, 2010

National Hard Candy Day ~ December 19

Rock Candy Wreath 
from Food
Today is National Hard Candy Day. As with cookies, Christmas is a great time to celebrate hard candies because Christmastime is the time when the most beautiful hard candies come out to play. I'm talking, of course, about cut rock candy and ribbon candy. These candies are not exactly a snap to make, they require a lot of work and skill and, I'm afraid, are not as appreciated as they once were or should be.

Following are four videos that I hope you can take the time to watch. They demonstrate just what an artful craft it is to make these beautiful candies. I think you'll find them very interesting.

And, there are four things that you should probably know about me, they are:
  1. I love Cher!
  2. I love Barbra!
  3. I love Karen!
  4. And I love Dolly!
Here's Dolly Parton singing ~ Hard Candy Christmas
from the Best Little Horehound... I mean The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

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