Feb 11, 2011

Revision To Baking Cup Flowers

I know you're probably asking yourself, "Is this a holiday blog or a craft blog?" I'm sorry, this is supposed to be a holiday blog with a few craft ideas thrown in here and there but I'm afraid my love for crafts has temporarily taken over my brain and I've bombarded you with Valentine craft ideas.

I just wanted to add this one little post. I made a little change to the baking cup flowers that I posted on Feb. 5th. I kept looking at them thinking, "Something is missing." So I added some mini baking cups to the center of the flowers. I think it gave them just the thing they needed.

I punched a hole in the centers of four mini baking cups (I folded them in half first, like before), then I flipped them inside out and slid them onto the sucker stick before adding the larger baking cups. I think it gives them just that little extra "frou frou" punch.

Remember, the original Baking Cup Flowers come from SkipToMyLou.org.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I love that your "holiday" blog has some fun craft stuff thrown in there! I saw a link to another variation of flower suckers and thought I would share because I think it's really cute. http://familyfun.go.com/valentines-day/valentines-day-cards/best-valentines-day-cards-834796/#Friendship%20Blossoms;25