Mar 12, 2011

Pom-Pom Necklaces for St. Patrick's Day

A Story From My Past
Years ago, when I had 7 little munchkins running around and I was, at times, a frazzled, stressed-out mom, it was inevitable that on St. Patrick's Day morning we would wake to discover that there were at least two of our sons who didn't own a stitch of clothing containing the color green, and then panic would set in! "What am I going to do to save these little guys from being pinched and taunted all day long?" I thought of keeping them home from school but knew that wasn't the answer. Usually, I just had them wear one of their brothers t-shirts, but I know there was one year that I cut out squares of green construction paper and safety-pinned them to their shirts, it saved them from the pinching but certainly not the taunting (I know, you're thinking, "Mother of the Year", right?) Luckily, my sons survived their mother and are happy young adults with a healthy fear of St. Patrick's Day. :0)

Pom-Pom Necklaces
Here is a fun craft idea that you could do with your daughters or granddaughters that would give them something cute to wear on St. Patrick's Day. It took maybe 15- 20 minutes to make. I love the glitter pom-poms and at first had made the entire necklace of glitter pom-poms, but when I forced my 18 yr. old son to try on the necklace for me he said it itched the tarnation out of his neck, so I decided to use plain pom-poms around the neck edge to make it softer.

Here's what you'll need:
30 - 3/4 in. green glitter pom-poms
  9 - 3/4 in. white glitter pom-poms
12 - 3/4 in. regular green pom-poms
  6 - 3/4 in. regular white pom-poms
Stretchable Jewelry Cord - (I used Stretch Magic from Michael's Craftstore)

This necklace is 38" long, you could certainly make yours shorter if you'd like.

You simply thread about 45" of stretchable cording into an embroidery needle and string the pom-poms onto the cording. The glitter pom-poms are more dense than the regular pom-poms so they're a little harder to go through, ease them gently down the cording, and then tie a good knot at the end. Voila! Cute and fun!

These may be too "girly" for your sons to wear, so be sure you check their closets long before St. Patty's Day to make sure they have something to wear. I also saw a fun idea at JoAnn Fabrics, they had laced a pair of shoes with super cute green ribbon. So there's another idea for you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Please don't allow children under 3 to wear this necklace as it may pose a choking hazard.

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  1. Cuteness! A mom of 7? Did I know that? I think I did, but had just never imagined it fully! What a cute story, we have all been there too which made it adorable to read. Love this necklace too, easy to make and so much fun for little ones! Thanks for adding it to the St. Patrick's Day party!

  2. So cute, Lisa. I didn't see this in time to make for St. Patrick's day but I know KK will love this project so I'm going to use the same idea for different holidays. And, wow, now you're getting big time if you're linking to other blogs. Way to go!

    P.S. Brady is a good sport!