Mar 12, 2011

Shamrock Brooches

Here's what you'll need:
Green felt
Scraps of green fabric
Dritz Fray Check
Green embroidery floss
Small amount of polyester stuffing
Button for embellishing
1 1/2 inch Bar Pin
Heart Template (reduce this down to 75% and use the heart that is one in from the top right hand corner)
  1. Cut two shamrocks out of green felt.
  2. Cut three hearts out of green fabric.
  3. Apply Dritz Fray Check around edges of hearts and allow to dry (5-10 minutes).
  4. Tape hearts into place on one of the felt shamrocks using pieces of double sided scotch tape on the undersides of the hearts. Using three strands of green embroidery floss, stitch a straight stitch around each heart.
  5. Place the shamrocks together, right sides out, and using three strands of green embroidery floss, sew around the shamrocks using a blanket stitch, leaving about an inch open on the bottom for stuffing, but keeping your strand of floss attached to continue sewing after stuffing.
  6. Stuff lightly with a small amount of polyester stuffing (I actually just cut up a few cotton balls - tee hee).
  7. Continue using a blanket stitch to sew the opening closed.
  8. Sew a cute button onto the center of the shamrock, sewing through all layers.
  9. Whip stitch a bar pin onto the back of the brooch horizontally. (I think it might work best to have the clasp at the top). And it's ready to wear!
This brooch is a little on the largish size, measuring 3 1/4" x 3", which is okay for me 'cause I'm a little on the largish size too. If that seems too big for you, just reduce the shamrock template down to 75% and the heart template down to 50 %.

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  1. These are just to adorable. Love them, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing them to the party!

  2. These are the gingham fabric you chose...thanks for the tutorial on how you did these.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you :)

  3. P.S. I'm your newest follower...I'll be back soon to explore more of your fun blog :)

  4. Thanks Jessa for holding your great Linky parties and letting us get exposure, and thanks for your friendship, it's much appreciated!!!

    Thanks Queenie! So happy to have you!

  5. So cute!!! I love this one too.