Feb 5, 2012

Here's What's Happening Today, Feb. 5th

Dump Your Significant Jerk Day -  Dump Your Significant Jerk Day is the first day of Dump Your Significant Jerk Week, which is held the entire week before Valentine's Day, February 5 -11 for 2012. If you're in a bad relationship, this is your week to end it once and for all. It's your chance to tell Mr.or Ms. "Your Not All That" to take a long walk off a short pier, make like a bee and buzz off, make like a loaf of French bread and baguette, make like a . . . well, you get the picture.

Mobius Awards Day - Mobius Awards is an independent international advertising competition. Each year, the competition recognizes outstanding work in various categories of advertising. Entries come from professionals in more than 25 countries and are judged throughout the world by international panels. (Link)
Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, Pennsylvania Day - This holiday was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from Wellcat Holidays and Herbs. The Roys have created quite a passel of quirky holidays to celebrate throughout the year. Apparently, because of it's rich history and serene surroundings, they're thinking Lebanon, Pa. would be a great place for Hollywood and Broadway to be. I'm just afraid Hollywood and Broadway may corrupt the good people there. (Link)

National Chocolate Fondue Day - Chocolate Fondue is a dessert made of melted chocolate, heavy cream, and some kind of liquor such as brandy, kirsch, or Cointreau. To this, you dip bite sized sweets such as, spongecake, pastries, or fruit.

Chocolate Fondue was created sometime in the mid 1960's in a New York restaurant called Chalet Suisse by Swiss-born Restauranteur, Konrad Egli. Egli came up with the idea for chocolate fondue in an effort to help a PR woman, that worked for a Swiss-based chocolate company, introduce to America a new Swiss candy bar that we know as the Toblerone. Egli melted the almond bit filled chocolate pieces with heavy cream, and a favorite Swiss liquor, kirsch or kirschwasser, to create a Swiss inspired dessert.  (Link)

National Weatherman's (Weatherperson's) Day - Celebrated every year on Feb. 5th. Weatherman's Day, or Weatherperson's Day, is a day to recognize men and women working in the meteorology field. It is observed on the birthday of John Jeffries, one of the United States first  weather observers who took daily measurements from 1774 to 1816.

Super Bowl XLVI - Face-off between the AFC Champion, New England Patriots and the NFC Champion, New York Giants to decide the NFL Champion for the 2011 football season. It will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Western Monarch Day - Observed ever Feb. 5th. A day to recognize the beauty of  Western Monarch Butterflies and the contribution they make to the central coast of California. According to an article on ButterflyPalace.org, the Western Monarch Butterfly has been around for nearly a million years. They, and a closely related east coast species, are the only insects that migrate, spending summers in one part of the country and then returning in the winter to the same habitat earlier generations used, much as a salmon returns to the stream in which it was born. The Western Monarch Butterfly is important to the central California coast because it contributes as a pollinator and, because of it's beauty and splendor, it draws large numbers of tourists every year.

World Nutella Day - World Nutella Day was created by Sara Rosso of Ms. Adventures In Italy in 2007. Each year, Sara and fellow blogger, Michelle Fabio from Bleeding Espresso, declare February 5th as World Nutella Day.

Nutella is a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread manufactured in Italy by the Ferrero company. Nutella has been around since 1963, and was developed from an earlier chocolate spread, made by Ferrero, called "Supercrema".

On the World Nutella Day website, you'll find lots of fun Nutella information, including a page with 700 Nutella recipes. You read that right, seven hundred! I think I've said this before, but my favorite way to eat Nutella is on a bagel with cream cheese. Yum!

Have a happy February 5th! To look ahead to what's coming up, please check out my pages on the right sidebar.

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